The Handkerchief …

The humble Handkerchief; an essential “EDC (Every Day Carry)” for any Gentleman.

I’ve carried a Handkerchief in my pocket for as long as I can remember. Separate from a Pocket Square but still a statement item in my opinion. A Handkerchief is also the perfect introduction into personalisation / monogrammed items. Whilst some may feel uncomfortable going with a Monogrammed Shirt, a Monogram on a pocket Handkerchief is an easy option.

Monogrammed Handkerchief

I’m fortunate enough to have a number of seamstresses in the family … these were done by my Mother. I love the font she’s used, and the location is the same on each one. Perfect!

I love to get compliments from people when I pull out a Monogrammed Handkerchief. It’s a great conversation starter too!

Even if you don’t get it Monogrammed, you should upgrade to a Pocket Handkerchief – you’ll never go back to a tissue again!

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