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Blog / Sunday, March 4th, 2018

I was at a bit of a loose end this morning. One Daughter at a Dance Championship (accompanied by the wife, Mrs T) and another Daughter was away at a Dance College audition.

This left me with some time to kill, so I set off to the local electrical store to pickup some cables for a project I am doing at home.

Being a Sunday morning the shops were late opening so I popped into the nearest coffee shop. Now, I must say at this point that I am a complete and utter, self confessed, coffee snob! My French/Italian heritage breaks through when I crave a cup of Caffe! As such I do tend to stay away from big chain coffee shops! I was very pleasantly surprised with Costa Coffee, however! Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. I’m not here to review the pros and cons of a Multi-Million dollar coffee chain!

Instead, I am wanting to post about the eclectic mix of people who are here! What a wonderful place to just soak up the experience!

There are young families, cooing over their new born babies (and no doubt are amazed to just be out of the house for a few hours!) I remember those days well!

There are what appears to be weekend Dads. Always hard to see that, in my opinion. The look on the kids faces as they get to spend time with their Daddy is a joy to see though.

There are old couples. Dressed up to the nines in their Sunday Best! I always love to see a Gent still dressed in a jacket and tie – even if it is just to go to the coffee shop with his sweetheart (Who’s hair is, of course, immaculate and she’s dressed up in her pearls)

There’s the middle aged single man. Reading The Times and sipping a Cortado as slowly as he can. A mystery as to what his story is …

There is the daughter who’s brought her Mum out for a days shopping who’s decided to fuel up on Coffee and Cake before hitting the stores with military precision!

There is the Hipster on his MacBook (There is Always a Hipster on a MacBook!) I think Coffee Shops have a rota system going to ensure there is always one bearded, cool, young dude working away in the corner!

Finally there is a reflection in the window of an overweight, bald, 40 year old guy, typing away on his phone. Hang on, that’s me!?! I wonder if anyone is sat thinking “What’s his story?” Maybe I should go over and tell them I’m writing a blog post about the entire experience …

For the record, I am not criticising or judging anyone in this post. I love to see the mixture of people around me. I’m fascinated by our interaction with each other and am constantly looking for the positive in all situations.

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